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BDD Collaboration Tool

All-in-one online tool to create, manage and run your Gherkin scenarios

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Powerful online Gherkin editor

  • Try user-friendly online Gherkin IDE with intelligent auto-complete mode
  • Get scenario line coverage indication right in the editor
  • Build examples tables dynamically
  • Use any BDD framework for unlimited collaboration opportunities for your Agile team
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Unlimited continuous integration

  • Eliminate inconsistencies by synchronizing your existing Git repository with Relime
  • Utilize two-way synchronization with user stories from JIRA or other ALMs
  • Integrate Relime with any third-party services or in-house tools
  • Use approval workflows to protect sensitive areas
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Real-time project statistics

  • Evaluate team performance from a single place
  • Analyze BDD automation test coverage in real-time mode
  • Track overall progress using an intuitive dashboard
  • Generate detailed reports based on feature files content